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Posts we would like to see:

- Post all your apollo-sharon material (fan fictions, icons, artwork, videos)
- Post starting discussions about this pairing.
- Post requests for fics and beta.
- post offers to beta.
- Post sharon and apollo screencaptures
- post images related to both actors.
- post spoilers (behind a LJ cut with a clear warning)

Please be courteous

Most posts should be behind lj-cuts except previews and content summaries.

any suggestions just email me : petitevanou@yahoo.co.uk

apollo sharon icons

Made just a few Apollo Sharon icons

Some are made with bases and text by koalathebear


AS icon AS icon AS icon

click to see a few more


Being Evil Works Like a Charm

So I took koalathebear</lj>'s brother's manips and posted them at my live journal and asked the icon-makers in my flist to make some icons for us...Only I didn't ask at all. It was more me telling them that they had no talent and their iconing skillz sucked and if they thought otherwise they should prove me wrong and make some crazy awesome A/S icons.

It's harsh.
But it worked.

by styromgalleries</lj>

Please remember to credit her, not me.
Also, I was wondering if someone could please capitalize the A in Apollo in the comm's subtitle. It's driving me a little crazy.


Some icons

I can't make icons and am too lazy to learn how because it really just isn't my thing and I have better things to do than spend a lot of time learning how to do something I know I'll be really crap at when there are many others that are good at it. Yes I know my limitations which is a very good thing! :) So I've just cropped a few of the images. Read more...Collapse )


another manip


4 more Apollo/Sharon manips ...

They're here. Feel free to snag, make icons, promulgate ... whatever :D


Images and the scribbles are here. Spoilery because they are images from season 3, although it's all totally au / speculative / not founded in any form of BSG-reality ;)


Apollo/Sharon image manipulation

An Apollo/Sharon image manipulation here. :)


Darkship Fic?

I do believe this fic written by dingoaction has enough darkship elements to qualify. :)


I found it posted at hidden_elysium


Apollo/Sharon Colorbar

Hi, I'm Jazmin and this is my first time posting in this very awesome communtiy.

Usually, I lurk until I have something to bring with me when I introduce myself at a comm and because I am the sharing-caring type, here is an Apollo/Sharon colorbar made for me by martoufmarty. Everyone here at apollo_sharon is free to use it as well!


Please dont' forget to
credit martoufmarty!

Hey look, there is the Apollo/Sharon Look!(3rd from the right)...I never noticed...or maybe I noticed, but just subconciously...


season 3?

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the season 3 possibilities. I mean we all know that Apollo Sharon is non canon, but do you think we are going to have interesting interactions between them? Which ones would you like to see?

I would love to see him meet the downloaded Sharon who actually shot Adama, I think that it would be more interesting than Helo's Sharon. He would have to face his anger towards her as the ONE who did it, and face her as an enemy. At the same time she is not the evil machine he thinks she is. She is also a much stronger "person" now, so I hope we'll get a few scenes with them both :)


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